Hiya. Nice to see you!

I’m a wee curly haired Scottish lady, living in Edinburgh.
I’m a yogi, a runner, a social (media) butterfly.
I’m a yoga-teacher-in-training.
I practice yoga and meditation daily.
I have travelled from Japan to San Francisco, Iceland to South Africa.
I wanderlust after India, Norway, Brazil.

I love sunshine, avocados, margaritas, salsa, samba, my ashtanga practice, hot yoga, motivational quotes and cat posters, taking bad photos with a good camera, taking good photos with my iPhone, early mornings, long brunches, Full Moon days, Duvet Days, dancing, life in motion.

I love to talk / think / blog about yoga (all eight limbs), how to open my hips, meditation, seeking the serene; eating and living well, going gluten free, do i dare cut out sugar, attempting to go dry; cycling routes around East Lothian, interval training and tackling Arthur’s Seat in my half-marathon training, weight lifting and vegan protein shakes;  how to mix a mean margarita, where to find the best steak in edinburgh (or your city), experimenting with gluten free baking.


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