Just Jen #1

Inspired by my twirly partner in crime and her so-hot-right-now columns in SheDoesTheCity.com, and in particular her Pop 5 segment, here’s a quick round up of the things that have been flitting through my mind as of late. The imminent move, new city and new job is taking up quite a bit of my time; and this is a month before any of it actually happens.

  • Fashion and fortunes. Two birds, one stone.
    Two things popped up on my Facebook news feed last week. The first, from ELLE, loudly proclaiming that “the days of the mini skirt are over!” The maxi skirt is back and here to stay. Skirts are once again ankle length at most, and below-knee at best (think Mad Men but without the smoking-chic chauvanistic ‘tude). The second was a BBC News article on the general economic doom and gloom. A stark reminder of that fabled fashion / economic growth  correlation between the length of women’s skirts and the general state of the economy. Backed further by the Italian town that has now banned mini-skirts entirely. My theory? The fashion industry is in on it all, and is now playing on this correlation by purposely bringing the maxi back to further furrow our brows in concern at the general state of the economy. Conspiracy theorist, moi? The real question is do we look at the catwalks of S/S 11 to plan our investments and stocks, or vice versa?
  • Rugby, the Law, and Poetry.
    I met Conrad Smith of the notorious New Zealand All Blacks today. As an international rugby star, you’d think he’s happy with his lot. But oh no. He’s got dem brains too, and is a trained and practicing solicitor on the side. So next time I think I’ve not got enough time to do everything I want to do, I just need to remember it’s only myself and my attitude that’s limiting my acheivements. Also, I am now a rugby fan after meeting one of these “rugby boys” in the flesh. Who also happens to read his team mates poetry on the tour bus. Swoon.
  • On the 33rd day before Christmas
    Everyone seems to be a lot more festive, and a lot earlier, this year than I remember. Or is it just me? I baked Christmas cookies, some people are half way through their Christmas shopping already, and I’m actually enjoying this cold snap. Fa la la indeed.
  • Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes
    3 weeks until the city-hop. Better get packing.

About jenny

a yogi, a foodie, a runner. head over heels with edinburgh. facilitator of FOMO.
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