Finger-pickin’ good


According to the BBC News website report, guitar-based bands are a rare breed in the 20-teens. In summary “All the great anthems have been written…it has all be done a million times before.” I am glad to see, however, that they picked up on Mumford & Sons who are bringing back the banjo with pizzaz.

In response, and as an attempt at saving the youth of today from considering Lady Gaga as “good music” (good poppy, dancey, sexy, druggy sound yes. “Music”? No.) I would suggest they also listen to Bobby Long.

All art is imitation, and yes it has been done before. But I haven’t heard anything like Bobby Long in a while. I grew up in the wrong era, listening to the likes of The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, The Who, Joni Mitchell, and teaching myself LedZep on my mum’s old acoustic. Bobby Long reminds me of that simplistic, beautiful sound without the “I’m retro-hipster-cool” vibe that a lot of one-hit wonders have.

…..Ok, I just clocked his hair style when google image searching and perhaps he’s got a slight Robert Pattison vibe about him. But the boy’s still got talent.

I stumbled across him on LastFM with a song that I couldn’t find on Spotify or iTunes, much to my dismay. So I bought “Left to Lie” instead, and have found “The Bounty of Mary Jane” on Spotify. Both are quite, hauntingly, acoustically guiarishly wonderful. I’d also highly recommend “Dead and Done” for another mellow number on his official Myspace page.

This isn’t  a plug, I haven’t done much research behind Bobby except to know that he hasn’t got much out there on iTunes or Spotify and I think he should. But I’d say its testament to his sound that it was his finger-pickin’ guitar tunes that popped into my head as soon as I read the BBC article.

The other thing that popped into my head on mention of “Coldplay” and “good music” was this:

It tickles me every time, especially around the 2.12 mark.*

*I don’t actually think Coldplay are “shit” per se. It’s more that this guy has done such a good job of dubbing all the vocals and instruments, and getting it just off so it sounds convincing.


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