Inevitable post about cats

But in an oh-so-postmodern and self-conscious way. There’s a rumour flying around that the majority of all internet content is cats. As an out-of-the-closest LOLcats follower, it somtimes feels that way after seeing your 1000th omgkewtkitteh of the week (for the record, I can’t stand LOLcat speak. I’m only in it for the warm, fuzzy feeling the photos bring.)

After a quick google search of ‘internet’ and ‘cats’ in an attempt to clarify the statistic, I’ve found solid scientific evidence that the internet is indeed made of cats. And my favourite statement of the day: porn is so 90s, welcome to the real web 2.0: cats.

You get the jist. Cats rule the internet, by and large.

So, despite that this advert freaks me out slightly, and I can’t actually see the real reasoning behind it, it looks like Toyota have very much adopted the attitude of “If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.” And this is only episode 1….

Which in turn reminded me of one of my favourite adverts of the year, a much better use of cats I feel, Ikea’s “Happy Inside” ad:

This is the only post about cats I will make, promise. Normal blogging activity will now resume.

ETA: I am aware the Toyota ad is two years old now. Evidently it wasn’t a hit. The IKEA ad, however, was released a few months ago. I’m still up-to-date…ish.


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