I love this city tonight

After catching the train back from Edinburgh last night, and arriving into a beautiful, frosty, moonlit night in Glasgow I decided to take the long one-hour walk back home to the soundtrack of my iphone Genius shuffle.  And when arriving at Charing Cross, the mid-point mark, I was enjoying the hushed wintery night-time atmosphere so much, I decided to take the long way home and walk around the West End first.

With nothing but my iphone for company, I got snap-happy with the new Instamatic app. That is until about 15 minutes into my detour the temperature dropped another 5C to what felt like below freezing (either that or the couple glasses of red wine wore off) and I couldn’t feel my fingers.

So, an ode to Glasgow by moonlight in some suitably Gothic images, a week before Halloween.

Stravaigin, my second home for brunch and burgers

The ever-impressive and imposing Kelvingrove Museum

The University by moonlight in all its gothic splendour

The Long Way Home gin-den and bar. Rather apt I thought.

 Call me a sentamentalist, but Glasgow I’m going to miss you.

About jenny

a yogi, a foodie, a runner. head over heels with edinburgh. facilitator of FOMO.
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2 Responses to I love this city tonight

  1. Aditi says:

    I remember visiting and wandering past these places with you, oh so many summers ago! Cheers to 2006, Thorntons ice cream, flea markets and blogs about it 😉

  2. Almost 5 years, wow. And soon I’ll have a new city to explore, fall in love with, and then show any potential guests around if they happen to be on this side of the world 😉

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