So there’s a blog now

To make an impression, it is general knowledge that one should always be fashionably late. And so with a slashdotdashdot bang arrives this blog to join the many, many, many others floating around the infinity of the interwebs.

When once a person would raise one eyebrow and cautiously ask “you have a blog?” now the same person is more likely to draw a mock-shocked breath and exclaim “you don’t have a blog yet?!” Despite professing an inherent geek-chic aptitude and being a veteran blogger before my time with a two-year record on xanga from back in the dark days of dial-up, there is no longer a jen-shaped hole in the cyber-Universe. Et voila, is created.

Mmm, smell that? That’s new-blog smell. Good, isn’t it? Well, no not really, because no one likes an empty blog. So let’s get to it.

A few preliminary notes:

1. Yes my name is Jennifer Lovatt, and yes, I love it. The good-natured teasing of my namesake never gets old (for those new to my name…) And when considering at length a suitable title for this here blog that could suitably sum-up my online opinions and lifestyle soapbox, I realised it had been staring me in the face the whole time. The name for my blog should be my name. Simple.

2. So, is a lifestyle and opinion blog that will unashamedly cover all the things that I, jen, love. These being, in no particular order:

running, dancing, cooking, eating, vintage, Victoriana, baking, living well, keeping fit, geek-chic,  nouveau media, socialazzi-savvy, popular culture, unpopular culture, funnies, fashion.

This means at some stage I’ll probably end up blogging about:

“instagram vs hipstamatic” apps, observations on running etiquette, ELLE, mac mascara & dior lipstick, Anna Karenina, book-clubbing, party-clubbing, lemon&blueberry drizzle cake, pumpkin risotto, xkcd, failbook, Rocky-esque motivational montages, “Ladies, look at your man, now back to me, I’m on a horse”, the Big Lebowski, white russians, caipirinhas, salsa dancing, street & hiphop, pictures of cats, The Doors, Two Door Cinema Club, The Who, The Go! Team, why leather skirts should never have come back in fashion. And then some.

So, off sails my first blog post on its maiden voyage. Gods speed little pixels, gods speed.


About jenny

a yogi, a foodie, a runner. head over heels with edinburgh. facilitator of FOMO.
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